Why iProSkills

Welcome to Iproskills Academy®. We are a results-oriented Soccer Academy that focuses on the individualized European Training Methods which provide a high-class training platform. In contrast, U.S. youth soccer is typically mass production style training, and young players here do not practice as frequently or hard enough.

iProSkills training increases a player’s agility, speed of thought, foot-speed and teamwork by merging technical soccer drills with speed exercises; a fast mind = fast feet! Our Certified Coaches deliver elite training and development of each player utilizing European practice models which emphasize hard work, good character and integrity, mental preparation and toughness while developing a full passion for the game.

All iProSkills Academy® Programs are based on principles of the European Football Federation. Also included are ideals, techniques and training concepts taken from both UEFA and FA coaching guidelines designed to benefit soccer leagues, clubs, teams and individual players. Our programs are most effective, and produce the best results, with a commitment to year-round Academy Training to achieve professional performance levels, and meet the expectations of the iProSkills Academy®, and you.

Whether you are an experienced player aiming to build a career in soccer, or a novice just starting out, iProSkills Academy® is for you. We’ll ensure you have fun and feel challenged without fear of failure by providing an active, healthy and progressive environment. Our Certified Coaches also monitor development throughout the year to ensure fun and futbol for all is at the forefront of the top-level learning program.
By applying the European Training Methods described above, Iproskills Academy® provides a balanced, grounded approach to learning. Dedication and discipline are key traits to becoming a great soccer player. Our Academy focuses on more than just soccer skills; we aim to provide core lessons in Life both on and off the field.

How far towards becoming a professional player each person can go will then be strictly up to the individual and his/her commitment, will and determination to excel in their soccer game.