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At IPROSKILLS, our training is player centric. We focus on each player, identify the weaknesses and turn them into strengths. All of our players in our elite program have talent, their ultimate success will depend on four main areas: Attitude, Dedication, Skills & Focus. Our mission gets accomplished with players that have all of these disciplines. We preach “Practice perfect then play with more perfection”

Science Meets Skills

At many levels technology has advanced our lives. Our goal is to allow players to use technology usually reserved by professional athletes to enhance their training. Whether a heart rate monitor to assess VO2 Max, or the use of technical balls that measure velocity in a shot, we are constantly searching for better ways to not only train our athletes but to provide parents with very important digital feedback.

Continuous improvement

In very sport, marquis players agree that they are in competition with themselves. We preach this element to our players. Often players enter into a comfort zone where they are satisfied with their game. Our job is to teach our players to focus on their weaknesses and continuously improve his/her game. We do this in a fun way our trainers share passion for the game and we encourage kids to seek their own best.