$189 / 10 weeks practice

  • Duration: 10 weeks practice
  • Sessions: Starting April 26, Wednesdays 6 to 7 Pm – Academy competition simulative games on Saturdays
  • Location: 1609 West Gregory Street, Chicago, IL


This intensive Iproskills  Academy programs are designed for three age groups:  Iproskills Spartans for 5 to 6 y/o boys and girls, Iproskills Vikings for 7 to 8 y/o boys and girls  and  Iproskills Gladiators for 9-12 y/o boys and girls which are designed to create a complete well-rounded soccer players. All training sessions are carefully structured by our professional coaches to achieve the correct balance between the technical, tactical, physical and educational components according to the age and stage of development of each player. Iproskills Academy uses training curriculums and methods developed with several European national team coaches.

The final session of each term is Iproskills Academy Cup were all players come to together from all Iproskills Academy soccer programs and plays 3 a side, takes player photos and is presented with a participation certificate.


  • Boys and girls 5 and 6 years old
  • Classes led by professional instructors
  • Focused on developing foot skills, balance, ball skills and foot – eye coordination
  • Complementary Iproskills soccer uniform and soccer ball
  • Oportunity to step up to the travel team

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